[Off topic] Read 3.0: Tools for readers and news junkies - exclusive premiere (sorry only Google Translation for the time being)

Written by David , 15.12.2010, 16:40

Hi Forum,

Some time ago we had discussed here in the forum tools and methods for quick reading, for example, the " Zap Reader ", which can be considered as state of the art in the " Rapid Serial Visual Presentation " (RSVP).

The aim at the time was to support multivitizens or news collectors, who often need a quick overview of the content of long texts on the web.  However, it was clear that the fast-paced word-by-word presentation of the RSVP technique can not be the wisdom of the final conclusion, in particular since one is deprived of any overview of the text during reading.

Surprisingly, however, there are currently no obvious approaches to the further development of "human reading", which go beyond the RapidSerial Visual Presentation.

This is why I have worked on the last few weeks and have thought about it. In the end, the following approach, together with two programmers, and the tool called "Top Words Highlighter" was created Evolutionary stage of reading on the web ".

The purpose and function of the tool is to immediately extract the most important keywords from any displayed text in the browser, and display them in different colors (together with the frequency of occurence).  In this way one gets an idea at a glance, what the text is probably about, without having to read it at all or even to search for it.

In addition, different text marker colors are assigned to the found keywords, and the keywords are automatically marked accordingly throughout the text.  In addition to the text, a graphical overview map is also displayed as an additional function, which can be used to estimate the extent of the text already at a glance, or with which one can focus directly on the contents, which are probably particularly "dense".

Top Words Highlighter Features:

The numerous text marker colors may seem confusing to some.  However, I can assure you that after only a few days of using this tool, you will hardly be willing to accept or consume any longer text "raw" or "black-and-white" without consuming it automatically Processed.

The colorful text markers, on the other hand, are helpful if you only want to fly over a text, since they guide the eye and point to important text points by means of corresponding condensation.  But also in the intensified study of a text lies a not to be underestimated utility of the text markers in that one already at the reading of a sentence or paragraph (consciously or unconsciously) perceives, whether the subsequent sentence resp. Paragraph still with the same keywords (= same Colors), or whether a new theme (= other colors) is expected.  This makes the reading flow and the recording of the content easier, according to my experience so far.

In detail, the whole thing works as follows, here again the example of the above article by Chaostheorien.de:

Start: Original view of the article

First step: Using "readability", the article is stripped out of the page (see below - optional step)

Second step: "Top Words Highlighter" is automatically edited:

In three minutes to install :

At the moment, the "Top Words Highlighter" requires the use of Firefox because the method and tool are currently not compatible with other browsers.  The Firefox extension " Greasemonkey " is also required.  Optionally, but very recommendable, is the further Firefox extension " Readability ", whereby the article to be read (as shown in step 1) is first removed from the page and displayed in an easy-to-read manner.

Finally, the actual tool "Top Words Highlighter" has to be installed (just click on this link in Firefox after installing the "Greasemonkey" extension) and confirm the installation request.  Finally, I recommend the following settings:

Recommended settings for the "Readability" extension:
(By right-clicking on the blue Readability "R" icon in the Firefox status bar)

Recommended settings for the "Top Words Highlighter" tool:
(By right-clicking the Greasemonkey icon [image] In the Firefox status bar and then selecting "User Script Commands")

Now everything is ready and ready to go.
To use simply on any web page first the blue Readability icon [image] In the Firefox status bar, then click anywhere in the page with the mouse (so that the page text has the input focus), and then press the key combination "Ctrl-Y" which triggers the extraction and removal of the keywords.

And then just read, read, until the pixels smoke.

Greetings David

PS : You can also highlight any keywords on a page (additionally or exclusively) manually.  Just select the desired word and press Ctrl-Y.  The selected word is then added to the current word list, and all occurrences of the corresponding word in the text are highlighted with a new color.

PPS : Credits go to Pierre (BE) of Yooper.be for the implementation of the keyword search, os0x (JP) for the basicscript, and hzhbest (CN) for the fine adjustment.